Work with us in Refferal Program

Get reward by reffering clients to us

Do you know a business owner or an individual who could benefit from StepChange Design´s specialist website or online marketing services? Would you like to receive $75 to $175 referral fee?

Receive $175 for every client that you successfully refer to StepChange Design.

Terms and Conditions of Referral Scheme

  1. The 'Referrer' is defined as the individual who refers a client to StepChange Design while the 'Referred' is the individual who has been referred by the Referrer.
  2. The 'Reward' is either a sum of $175 receivable by the Referrer who is not an existing client of StepChange Design, or a voucher worth $120 if the Referrer is a client of StepChange Design.
  3. Eligibility
  4. The Referrer is eligible to a Reward only when the Referred engages StepChange Design as his/her Web Designer and pays the full price of a website worth $1000 and more, or six months online marketing services ('the Qualifying Period').
  5. If a Referrer is an existing client of Step Change Design, in order to receive a Reward, neither the Referrer nor the Referred should owe monies to StepChange Design. Step Change Design reserves the right to offset any Reward against fees owed by the Referrer should this situation occur.
  6. If a new client has been referred by multiple Referrers, the Referrer who first provided StepChange Design with contact details will be rewarded.
  7. StepChange Design has the sole discretion at all times to determine if the eferrer qualifies for the Reward subject to these Terms and Conditions. The decision of StepChange Design cannot be challenged.
  8. Subject to clause 3, a Referrer is eligible to a Reward for a referral made on or after the 1st of October 2015.
  9. Reward Process
  10. Once that the Qualifying Period has ended, StepChange Design shall reward the Referrer. If the Referrer is not an existing client of StepChange Design, the referral payment is made to the Referrer. If the Referrer is an existing client of StepChange Design, then a voucher worth $120 will be applieed towards their services.
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. By referring the Referred, the Referrer consents to his/her name being mentioned in the communications of StepChange Design with the Referred as the person who has made the referral.
  13. The personal data submitted will be treated in confidentiality by StepChange Design for the purpose of this Referral Scheme.
  14. This referral program is not for recruitment agencies.

This scheme is effective from the 1st of October 2015 and StepChange Design reserves the right to terminate the scheme at any time.