Search engine optimization, content, and design all have important role for your website.

Design or SEO

What comes first, Design or SEO?

The answer for any Internet expert is a clear one. 
When Business Owners think about getting a website, they typically focus on how it’s going to look - (the design) of the website. But what is the reality?

Design should complement and enhance the content through imagery, clarity, positioning, and colour to evoke a mood and feel for what you are about.


Website visitors may browse a website to discover a solution to a problem, learn about a product or service, find a company with good credentials before contacting them, read news, interact with friends or make a purchase. Among the intentions of most website visitors is the objective to read and acquire information in order to fulfill a need.


Search Engin Optimizatin need to be the primary focus. In relation to your website goals, the content will assist in determining navigation, information flow, and layout. We will support that by the selected "keywords" used to search for your type of business.